Tips To Crack Personal Interview Board PIB Territorial Army

Hello friends! today i’m going to share one important topic which is related Personal interview board territorial army. This is the second stage of selection into Territorial army, here candidates will be called after clearing the preliminary written exam. All the candidates will be called at the respective TA head quarters and then certificates will be checked and then on next day interview will conducted by a panel of six members. The panel will be consisting of phsycologist, brigadier and other higher officials.

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In this article we will learn how to crack Personal Interview Board Territorial Army

Personal Interview board is the second stage for all the successful candidates in preliminary exam and this is one of the crucial stages of filtration as many candidates make mistakes at this stage. We are going to share some tips with which you can smoothly clear the interview process.

PIB Territorial Army Interview Tips | Crack PIB TA Interview | Territorial Army Interview

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PIB Territorial Army

Day 1 at Territorial Army Head quarters

On day 1 there will be certificate verification and you will be called roll number wise by officer and you need to submit all your documents in an order as described by an officer there.

Day 2 Interview At Head Quarter

After all the candidates complete their certificate verification one officer will explain the proceedings of the next day.

Interviews will start once the officers arrive at the head quarters. All the candidates will be asked to seat roll number wise and candidates will sent in a queue in 10 numbers and will be seated in a lobby.

Before entering the interview hall there is a big mirror in which you can adjust your self by seeing in it.

Entering The Hall

After your number comes you need to enter the hall (Walk with confidence), you will be welcomed by all the panel members. You need to greet all of them by looking at everyone.


You will be seated in center and you need to sit straight with chest up and have a light smile on your face. Look at all the judges with confidence and never look down or up or any other angle.

Answering Question

Depending on your profile you will get questions from the panel. Anyone from the panel can ask you question but generally the person sitting opposite to you will start.

Always answer questions with full confidence and do not give wrong answers if you do not know any answer clearly say “sorry sir i cannot recall or i don’t know” politely. Always be genuine.

Leaving The Hall

After your interview completes leave the hall by saying Thanks to everyone.

These are the tips followed by all the successful people. If you liked this article please share it as it will be useful for others.


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