Telangana Movemnet MCQ’s (Set 2) For Group 2, SI and Constable Exams

Hello friends! I’m back with one more article for Telangana Group 2, SI and Constable exam aspirants. As you know Telangana movement is one of the important topic in these recruitment exams.So, you need to prepare for the exam perfectly in this section. As we all know Telangana is the 29th state formed in India and there was lot of struggle in the state formation. The aim of newly formed government is to make all young people the importance of Telangana movement. The main reason why Telangana movement was a big success because almost everyone from the state has been participated in it and it was done with complete peace and on Gandhian Principles. Let us see some important questions form Telangana movemnet which are expected in the upcoming exams.

Telangana Movemnet MCQ’s (Set 2) For Group 2, SI and Constable Exams | Telangana Movement MCQ’s

Telangana MCQ's For TSPSC Group 2 and SI exam
Important Questions From Telangana Movemnet and History

1)The period of M.K Vellodi government was?

A)1949-50  B)1949-51  C)1949-56  D)1949-53

2)When was Nizam of Hyderabad surrendered to Indian Army?

A)Sep.17,1948  B)Sep.17,1947  C)Sep.17,1946  D)Sep.17,1945

3)First opposition leader in Hyderabad Assembly?

A)Puchalapally Sundaraiah  B)Dr.Melkote  C)Konda Venkata Reddy  D)V.D Deshpanday

4)Hyderabad Hita Rakshana Samiti was formed in?

A)1950  B)1951  C)1952  C)1953

5)First speaker of Hyderabad state assembly?

A)Kasinath Rao Vaidya  B)Avula Sambasiva Rao  C)SankaraDev  D)Poolchand Gandhi

6)First States Re organization commission was established in?

A)1952 Dec 9  B)1953 Dec 9  C)1951 Dec 9  D)1950 Dec 9

7)City Collge incident occured in?

A)1952 Dec 5  B)1952 Nov 4  C)1952 Sep 4  D)1952 Oct 4

8)First opposition party in Hyderabad?

A)Peasants and Workers party  B)Congress party  C)Scheduled Caste Fedaration  D)PDF(Peoples democratic front?

9)How many national parties were participated in 1952 elections in Hyderabad state?

A)7  B)8  C)9  D)10

10)In 1952 Elections Burgula Rmakrishna elected from?

A)Shadnagar constituency B)Secundrabad constituency C)Sirisilla constituency  D)Alampur constituency

11)Home Minister o Burgula Ramakrishna Rao ministry?

A)G.S Melokte  B)Anna Rao Ganamukhi  C)Marri Chena Reddy  D)Digamba Rao Bindu

12)Which of the following was not related to Mulki movement?

A)Valluri Bhaskara Raju  B)Ramachari  C)Buchaiah  D)Hayagreevachari

13)The editor of “Awam”paper?

A)Srinivasa Rao  B)Syed Akhtar Hussain  C)Beum Sadiq Jahan  D)Syed Ali

14)The voting percentage in Hyderabad state was?

A)41%  B)42%  C)43%  D)44%

15)How Many Leaders Signed the Gentle man Agreement?

A)5  B)6  C)7  D)8


1)B 2)A 3)D 4)C 5)A 6)B 7)C 8)D 9)A 10)A 11)D 12)A 13)B 14)B 15)D

These questions will be helpful to all the people who are preparing for TSPSC Group 2 exam, SI an Constable exams.

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