Telangana History Objective Bits For TSPSC Group 2, SI and Constable Exams

Hello friends! today i’m going to discuss some important questions related to Telangana History and Telangana movement for TSPSC Group 2, SI and Constable exams. Many people are not able to find important questions so i have prepared some questions and i’m uploading them here with key. This is the biggest recruitment happening in Telangana state for the first time after its formation. There are lakhs of applicants this time for Group 2, SI and constable so competition will be very tough this time. I will be making ore and more questions from Telangana Movement and Telangana History. So, keep watching our blog and get the latest and important MCQ’s on Telangana Movement and Telangana History.

Telangana History Objective Bits For TSPSC Group 2, SI and Constable Exams | Telangana Movement MCQ’s | Telangana Movement Important Questions For Group 2 | TSPSC Telangana Movement Questions

Important Questions From Telangana Movemnet and History
Telangana MCQ’s For TSPSC Group 2 and SI exam

1) How many Jagirdars were there in Nizam State?

A) 6   B)10  C)14  D)20

2)”MOTURPA” was?

A)Tax on Industries  B)One Type Of Capital  C)Tax On Weavers  D)Village Head

3)Who Wrote a book on MOTURPA Tax?

A)Madiki Veranna  B)Mateti Papanna  C)Chakali Ilamma  D)Boyi Bheemanna

4)When Was Razakars Voluntary Organization formed?

A)1930  B)1942  C)1944  D)1940

5)Original Name of Salar Jung 1

A)Mir Osman ALi Khan  B)Yusuf Ali Khan  C)Turab Ali Khan  D)Turre Bazkhan

6)Nizam Sugar Factory was Established in?

A)1927  B)1937  C)1941  D)1942

7)Paderu Lake is situated in?

A)Khammam  B)Nalgonda  C)Medak  D)Warangal

8)Ethipothala falls are located in?

A)Nalgonda  B)Adilabad  C)Khammam  D)Warangal

9)When was Yadava Sangham established?

A)1919  B)1918  C)1920  D)1921

10)How many Maratha Districts were there in Hyderabad state?

A)8  B)5  C)3  D)6

11)Which of the following district did not participate “Jogini” System?

A)Karimnagar  B)Adilabad  C)Khammam  D)Medak

12)Joginis which were lived at Vemulawada in RajaRajeswari Temple called as?

A)Bellis  B)Sivasatilu  C)Devadasisi  D)Samagama

13)Gusadi and Dimsa Folk dance belongs to?

A)Thoti tribe  B)Nainkpods  C)Kolams  D)Paradhans

14)When was Vaishya Hotel established?

A)1938  B)1940  C)1950  D)1939

15)”Vaishya Youth Association” was established By?

A)VV Gupta  B)KC Gupta  C)RK Gupta  D)RS Gupta

16)Chief diety of Naikpad Tribe is?

A)Parvathi  B)Saraswathi  C)Lakshmi  D)Durga

17)Chief diety of Andh Tribe?

A)Hanuman  B)Krishna  C)Ganesh  D)Chandra

18)Mother Toungues of “Andh” Tribe?

A)Tamil  B)Hindi  C)Urdu  D)Marathi

19)Which of the following district is populated “Anda” district?

A)Nizambad  B)Adilabad  C)Medak  D)Nalgonda

20)The Chief diety of “Kolam tribe”

A)Yama  B)Vayu  C)Maruthi  D)Bhima



1)A 2)C 3)B 4)D 5)C 6)B 7)A 8)A 9)C 10)B 11)c 12)B 13)C 14)D 15)B 16)C 17)A 18)D 19)B 20)D

We hope this article on Telangana Movement MCQ’s has helped you. Please keep sharing as other people whoa re preparing for TSPSC Group 2, SI and Constable exam will find it useful.


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