Telangana History Bits For Telangana TSPSC Groups, SI and Constable Exam

Hello friends! Today i’m back with one more set of important questions and bits for Telangana TSPSC Groups exam, SI and Constable. As we all know Telangana is the newly formed state and it is the 29th state of India. We have seen many struggles and strikes done to achieve the state. So, now every resource of Telangana region will be used for the development of Telangana and its people. Now the recruitment which will be taken place in Telangana will definitely have questions from Telangana History and Telangana movement. So, you need to prepare all the facts relating to Telangana’s rich culture and the kings who ruled this region. I’m brining you some important facts pertaining to Telangana history which are very important for all the exams conducted by Telangana Government.

Telangana History Bits For Telangana TSPSC Groups, SI and Constable Exam | Telangana History Quiz | Telangana History Facts | Asaf Jahi Dynasty | Telangana History MCQ’s

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Telangana HIstory Bits For TSPSC Groups, SI and Constable exams
  1. Nizam-Ul-Mulk is the founder of Asaf Jahi dynasty
  2. Real name of Nizam-Ul-Mulk is Mir Khamruddin Khan
  3. Shah Alam appointed Mir Khamruddin Khan as the Subedar of Ayodhya
  4. The titles “Fateh Jung” and “Nizam-Ul-Mulk” are given by “Faruk Siyyar”
  5. Faruk Siyyar appointed Nizam-Ul-Mulk as the subedar of Deccan for the first time
  6. Mohammed Shah gave the title of “Asaf Jah” to Nizam-Ul-Mulk
  7. Nizam-Ul-Mulk died in the year 1748
  8. Nazir Jung died due to the conspiracy of French
  9. The first capital of Asaf Jahi’s was “Aurangabad”
  10. Nizam-Ul-Mulk ruled by making “Aurangabad” as his capital
  11. Nizam-Ali-Khan shifted capital from Aurangabad to Hyderabad
  12. The capital from Aurangabad to Hyderabad was shifted in the year 1763
  13. Moti Mahal, Gulshan Mahal, Roshan Bunglow are constructed by “Nizam-Ali-Khan”
  14. A Painter named “Venkatachalam” was in the period of  “Nizam-Ali-Khan”
  15. “Mir Alam” worked as a “Diwan” under “Sikandar Jha”
  16. “Mir Alam” worked for the repairs of Hyderabad-Bombay and Hyderabad-Madras highways
  17. Secundrabad was constructed on the name of Sikandar Jha in the year 1807
  18. “Mir Alam” lake was constructed in the year 1810
  19. Present KOTI womens college was constructed under the period of “Sikandar Jha”

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