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Syllabus Changed For Indian Territorial Army Exam | Negative Marking In Indian Territorial Army Exam

Hello friends and aspirants of Indian Territorial Army. We have a got a latest update for all the aspirants of Territorial Army and this time it is a big update regarding the syllabus change and pattern of exam. As already discussed in previous articles Indian Territorial Army conducts exam twice a year once in February and once in August but this year there was no exam held in the month of February so we can expect the next exam in August with complete change in syllabus. In this article we will see the change in syllabus and how to tackle the exam.

New Syllabus For Indian Territorial Army Exam


Previously Territorial Army exam had two papers which included General studies and essay writing and we needed to qualify in both papers with 40% marks and overall we should get 50%. There was no negative marking earlier and OMR sheet was also not provided.

But now syllabus has been changed as follows

Paper 1 : Reasoning and Elementary Mathematics (100 marks)

Paper 2 : General Knowledge and English (100 marks)

Syllabus Changed For Indian Territorial Army Exam | Negative Marking In Indian Territorial Army Exam

Now there will be negative marking for every wrong answer and OMR sheet will be provided and exam will be held in two shifts morning and afternoon. 10AM to 12 PM and 2 PM to 4 PM.

You need to get 40% in each paper and overall you need to get 50%.

How To Avoid negative Marking In Indian Territorial Army Exam

Negative marking is the biggest fear among all aspirants but if you follow some simple tips then you can avoid negative marking easily in any exam. Following are some important tips which will help you to avoid negative marking.

Read The Question Twice

Many people give answers for question without reading properly and this leads to a wrong answer. We suggest you to read question twice so that you can understand the depth of it and answer it with confidence.

Mark Answer Only When You Are 100% Sure

Many people do a mistake by answering questions wich they do not know perfectly, they eliminate two options and guess answer in the remaining two. This is right but the chances of getting answer are 50-50.

Search For Easy Questions

Question paper will be having some easy question inside so you need to search for them and answer them first, this will boost your confidence and your mind will go in the right direction.

These are some simple tips with which you can avoid negative marking in Indian Territorial Army Exam



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