Qutub Shahi’s History For Telangana TSPSC Group 2, SI and Constable Exam

Hello friends! Today i’m back with one more article for Telangana TSPSC Group 2, SI and Constable Exam aspirants. Many people are searching for the study material on Qutub Shahi’s History so i have consolidated all the material in a easy way to read. As you all know this is a very important topic for all the exams related to Telangana government because these Qutub Shahi’s dynasty have played a very important role in building the base for Telangana especially Hyderabad. In this article we will learn about all the kings and their administrative reforms. I have collected all the material from Telugu Akademi books so all the material is 100% trusted source from Telangana Government.

Qutub Shahi’s History For Telangana TSPSC Group 2, SI and Constable Exam

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History Of Qutub Shahi Dynasty

Brief History Of Qutub Shahi Dynasty

There were two tribes in Turkemenistan Karakunel and Akunev and they were fighting for supremacy and in this war Karakunel gets defeated by Akunev and the condition in the war was the defeated tribe must leave Turkemenistan. So Karakunel tribe leaves the country and comes to India and enters Telangana in the south and at that time Mohammed Shah III of Bahamani Kingdom was ruling Golconda.

Qutub Shahi’s (1518-1687)

1) Quli Qutub Ul Mulk

He was the first one in this dynasty and his original name was “Sultan Quli Qutub Shah” and he has got 3 important titles

  • Khawas Khan
  • Badey Miya
  • Qutub Ul Mulk

2) Jamsheed

  • He was the second king and he killed his father Quli Qutub Ul Mulk at the age of 99
  • He had a younger brother named Ibrahim and he as a priest at Devarakonda Dargah and he wanted to kill Jamseed. But Jamsheed got to know about this conspiracy and Jamsheed sent army to capture Ibrahim but Ibrahim ran away and took shelter at neighboring Vijayanagara Kigdom for 6 years.
  • Jamsheed dies due to th disease of T.B

3) Suban Quli Qutub Shah

  • He was very small when his father passed away
  • Now Ibrahim comes back from the Vijayanagara empire and kills this small kid

4) Ibrahim

  • He came to throne and he was a very good king who has encouraged poets in his kingdom
  • He has got the title Malkibharama

Poets In His Court

  • Addanki Gangadharudu wrote a book named – Tapati Samvaranu Parakhyanam
  • Mallareddy wrote a book named – Siva Dhanur Motamu
  • Kandukuri Rudra Kavi wrote a book named – Sugreeva Vijayam , Niramkusapakyanam
  • Ponnaganti Telaganayudu wrote a book named – Yayati Charitra


  • Purana Pool (musi river)
  • Increased Golconda fencing
  • Ibrahimbagh, Ibrahimpatnam
  • Hussain Sagar

Ibrahim is also called as “Urdu Chajar” and he encouraged “Deccani Urdu”

5)Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah


  • Daad Mahal
  • Gagan mahal
  • Dar Ul Shifa

He had a pen which he gave a name “Manilu” and he wrote a book called “Kuliyat Kuli”

  • Hyderabad was developed from a village named “Chinchela”
  • In the year 590-1591 foundation stone for Hyderabad was laid

6) Mohammed Qutub Shah

  • He laid foundation stone for “Mecca Masjid” but it was completed by “Aurangazeb”
  • Constructed Khairtabad Mosque

7)Abdulla Qutub Shah

  • In his reign Kohinoor diamond was found at “Kolluru”
  • He had a poet in his court named “Kshetrayya” and he wrote “Movva padalu”

8) Abul Hasn Tanisha

  • His teacher name was “Shah Raju Kattal”
  • He gave a title named “Tanisha”
  • He was a secular person
  • Kancharla Gopanna was revenue officer a Bhadrachalam and he constructed temple
  • Akkanna and Madanna were poets i the court of Abul Hasn Tanisha
  • Akkanna and Madanna were killed by conspiracy and Aurangazeb attacks and finally Qutub Shahi dynasty ends.

This is the history of Qutub Shahi dynasty for Telangana TSPSC Group 2, SI and Constable exam. You can score easily in this topic if you read twice or thrice.

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