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Personal Interview Board (PIB) Territorial Army Experience Shared By Shiva Kumar

Hello Aspirants!! A hearty congratulations to all the candidates who have cleared Territorial Army 2016 written exam and i wish all the best for all of you in attending PIB which will be conducted in a few days at respective Territorial Army head quarters. Mean while i wanted to share a interview experience with one of our students who has attended Personal interview board (PIB) at Pune and his name is Mr. Shiva Kumar. Please read his experience of attending PIB.


Hello friends!! My name is Shiva Kumar i have attended PIB interview last year and i have cleared the interview easily with the help of E-book provided by this website. I had no idea on how the interview will be and what will be the questions asked. But after getting the E-book from this website i had a cake walk at the head quarter. I suggest you to download the E-book.

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Coming to my interview it was of 10 minutes and questions asked were very casual and the board members were also very supportive. I got questions from my education background, current job and current affairs.

There were 5 panel members in my turn (one chair was empty, i hope one member was out for some emergency).

Here goes my Interview

I entered into the hall saying “May I come in sir”. i was welcomed and i walked confidently towards the chair which was placed in the middle. I sat and greeted everyone saying “Good Morning”.

Member 1 : Please introduce yourself

Me : i answered confidently about my place of birth, education and job profile

Member 1 : Please tell me about your native place (warangal)

Me : Answered confidently by explaining the historical significance of the city and blah! blah! blah!

Member 2 : You have done Engineering  then why don’t you continue in your present job

Me : i said Army is good and other advantages related to Army

Member 3 : Who is the father of “C” Language

Me : Dennis Ritchie

Member 4 : How will you be useful to Army?

Me : Explained my technical skills and explained how my job profile will helpful for Army

Member 5 : If you are selected, will you work in pressurized conditions and sensitive areas?

Me : Yes sir, if the job needs me to go for sensitive areas i’m ready for it. As serving motherland gives immense satisfaction for any citizen.

Member 1 : Ok Mr. Shiva it was nice talking to you !! You can leave now.

I thanked everyone and left the hall with confidence.

I got the confidence by reading the E-book provided by this website and i thank the creator for giving awareness.

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