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Perks Of Joining Indian Territorial Army | Indian Territorial Army Benefits

Hello friends! Today i’m going to explain the perks of joining Indian Territorial Army. Joining Army is a dream for many young people of the country but dreams do not become true always. Some people regret that they did not utilize the chances properly or they curse fate if they do not get selected into Indian Army. But, as they say if you love a thing then you will definitely get it if you do the things sincerely which are required to get it. So, people who have missed the chance to join Indian Army have a golden chance to join directly as an officer in Indian Territorial army. This article will guide you through the process of selection for Indian Territorial Army and the perks involved in it.

Perks Of Joining Indian Territorial Army | Indian Territorial Army Benefits

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Benefits of Joining Indian territorial Army

First Let Us Know About Indian Territorial Army

Many people did not had the idea of what is territorial army and how are the selections made in it. Indian territorial Army is also known as second line of defense for a country which means in emergency times such as war and internal aggression Indian territorial Army will be utilized as an extra force if the the Indian Army is not sufficient. Indian Territorial Army is also used to relieve regular army people.

How Can You Join Indian Territorial Army

In early days many people did not know how the recruitment was conducted for Territorial Army and selection was made. But now due to internet and social media news is reaching farther places and people are getting to know about this. To join Indian Territorial Army you need to clear a 3 step procedure which involves the following stages

  1. Written exam (objective and essay)
  2. Personal Interview Board
  3. Service Selection Board

Generally the exam for the Territorial Army will be conducted twice in a year (February and August).

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Notification for the exam will be give in official Indian Army website.

The difficulty level of written exam is Easy to moderate, the paper will be easy if you prepare well. The results of written exam will be declared after 15-20 days and you will be notified via. phone or e-mail about your selection for the next round that is PIB.

PIB will be for 2 days which includes first day certificate verification and second day interview.

You will get notified via e-mail if you are selected in PIB.

Perks of Joining Indian Territorial Army

Indian Territorial Army Gives you a chance of joining till you attain a age of 42 years. This means people of age 42 are also eligible to serve in Indian Army. the eligibility criteria is 18-42 years graduate from India and should be employed or should have any business.

The slogan of Territorial Army is “Part Time Commitment Full Time Honor”. The choice to work either full time or part completely depends on your choice.

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