Now Every Indian Can Donate Money To Our Brave Indian Army Soldiers

Friends as we all know we live happily at our homes and enjoy our daily schedules without any worries because our brave soldiers from Indian Army guard us from external threats and neighboring enemies. Our brave soldiers do not care the weather conditions and safe guard our country 24×7 but in the recent days we are hearing a lot of news regarding attacks in Jammu and Kashmir area where terrorists are creating a havoc situation at the borders. 2 days back we have seen a deadly attack at Uri army camp where 18 soldiers have laid down their life in the early morning when 4 to 5 terrorists attacked the camp.

Now India Can Donate Money To Our Brave Indian Army Soldiers | Syndicate Bank Account For Army Welfare

This is a very tough situation for all the parents and wives who have lost their loved ones in the Uri attack. Here we need to ask some questions for ourselves.

Why Is India Being Patient Even after these many losses?

Why does not India reply back strongly?

Why is India being silent?

Now these questions are going to be answered with a new approach by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

There is a viral message going around social media and Whatsapp regarding a bank account for Army personnel and this money will be used exclusively for Army expenditure and for family of Army personnel who have laid their life for the country.

Many people thought this is a fake news but it is not fake, it is real news and we can donate money into the bank account which is provided by Syndicate Bank.

Following are the details of the Bank Account

A/C NO: 90552010165915

These are the proofs who are thinking this news is fake

Army donantion account number

Army donantion account number thequint%2f2016-09%2f563923c6-a753-4a8e-81cb-877ad68713eb%2findian-army-clarification

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