Must Read Essay Topics For Indian Territorial Army Exam

Hello friends! Today i’m back with one more important article for Territorial Army aspirants. As we all know Territorial Army exam is conducted twice every year and people in between the age of 18-42 are eligible to apply. This is one of the most coveted exam as you can join directly as a n officer in the Territorial Army. This exam consists of both objective paper as well as essay writing and you need to get minimum 40% marks in both the papers to qualify. In this article i will explain which essays to prepare and how you should present your essay in a beautiful manner.

Writing Tips For Essay In Indian Territorial Army Exam | Must Read Essay Topics For Indian Territorial Army Exam

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Essay Territorial Army

Generally many people write essay without any care and they do not highlight any important points in that. What happens here is the examiner cannot find the crux of your essay and you may miss marks. Always break your essay into parts and under line important facts and numbers is available.

Dividing Essay

  1. Introduction
  2. Paragraphs with important topics underlined
  3. Your view on the topic
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages
  5. Conclusion

Important Essays For Indian Territorial Army Exam

There are some important essays which remain favourites for examiners and they will be asked again and again in the exam. So, you need to prepare some essays perfectly so that if they come you can write perfectly and get good marks.

Women Empowerment

This is an always hot topic for essay writing as our country needs lot of development regarding women education and their empowerment. You need to have a good knowledge on this topic to write a good essay.

Relations With Neighboring Countries

One more important topic for essay writing is the relations with neighboring countries. This topic includes the latest treaties and MOU’s signed by India and the particular country. Always keep an update on the important deals between India and other countries.

Developments In Science and Technology

Science and Technology is very important for the growth of a country and you need to have good knowledge on latest developments in Defence technology in India and the latest satellites launched in India.

Idioms and Phrases

These are asked very rarely but they remain important because we need to understand the idiom and explain it in a easy way. For example “Smart Workers are Winners” how. In this idiom you need to explain difference between smart worker and a hard worker and then get inside the essay by taking few examples.

If you prepare essay writing in this way then Territorial Army exam will be very easy for you.


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