Longest, Largest, Highest In India For Territorial Army Exam

Hello friends! I hope you are doing well. Today i’m back with one more article on important places in India which are longest, largest and highest. Generally we see these type of questions being asked in recent times and in previous exams also questions of this type have appeared. So, i’m coming forward with this article so that you can get learn all the details of this type at one place.

Longest, Largest, Highest In India For Territorial Army Exam (TA Exam)

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Mumbai GPO : Source :Internet

Largest In india

  • Largest River Island    Majuli (Brahmaputra)
  • Largest Populated State    Uttar Pradesh
  • Largest Open university    Indira Gandhi Open University (New Delhi)(IGNOU)
  • Largest Aircraft Carrier    INS Viraat
  • Largest Residence    Rashtrapati Bhavan
  • Largest Library    National library (Kolkata)
  • Largest Arch Dam    Idukki dam (Kerala)
  • Largest G.P.O    Mumbai G.P.O
  • Largest Plateau    Deccan plateau
  • Largest Cave Temple    Ellora (Maharashtra)
  • Largest Mosque    Jama Masjid (New Delhi)
  • Largest River Barrage    Farakka Barrage
  • Largest Populated City    Mumbai
  • Largest Animal Fair    Sonepur fair (Bihar)
  • Largest Zoo    Zoological Garden (Kolkata)
  • Largest Cave Temple    Ellora (Maharashtra)
  • Largest Landing Ship    INS Magrar

Longest In India

  • Longest Railway platform    Kharagpur (West Bengal)
  • Longest Glacier    Siachen Glacier
  • Longest River bridge    Mahatma Gandhi Sethu
  • Longest Hanging bridge    Howra bridge
  • Longest Bridge    Anna Indira (Rameswaram to Mandap)
  • Longest Canal    Indira Gandhi canal
  • Longest Dam    Hirakud (Orissa)
  • Longest Tunnel    Kharbude (Konkan Railway)
  • Longest Corridor    Rameswaram Temple corridor

Highest In India

  • Highest gate way    Buland Darwaza (Fathepur sikri)
  • Highest tower    Qutabminar
  • Highest peak    Mt. K2 (Godwin Austin)
  • Highest water falls    Jog falls (Karnataka)
  • Highest literacy among state    Kerala
  • Highest dam    Bhakra Dam (Punjab)


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