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List Of Celebrities In Indian Territorial Army

Hello friends! We have already seen how Territorial Army selections are done and what is the criteria for getting selected. Now in this article we will see some famous personalities who have been induced into Indian Territorial Army. Generally we see many sports persons and stars getting honorary ranks in defence and police forces. Indian Territorial Army has also got some celebrities in it. We have got the list of celebrities who are in Indian Territorial Army.

List Of Celebrities In Indian Territorial Army

Mohan Lal

mohan lal in ta,mohan lal in army,mohan lal territorial army

Mohan Lal is a versatile actor from Kerala who acted in more than 300 Malyalam films and in many other Indian languages and he is one of the finest actors in India who is considered to deliver solid performances through his natural acting. Mohan Lal expressed interest to join Indian Territorial Army but he was not eligible as his age was in the selection criteria but some rules were changed and Mohan Lal was awarded as Lt. Colonel by Deepak Sharma (Army Chief). He was the first person to get honorary rank in Indian Territorial army.

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Kapil Dev

Kapil dev in TA,Kapil dev in army,TA kapil Dev

Kapil Dev is one of the best Cricketer India has produced and he has brought the world cup of Cricket in 1983 for the first time and in 2008 General Deepak Kapoor honored Kapil Dev with a honorary rank of Lt. Colonel. Kapil Dev is the first Indian cricketer to get this honorary rank from Territorial Army.

MS Dhoni

ms dhoni in TA,ms dhoni territorial army

MS Dhoni who made Indian Cricket proud many times is also given a rank of honorary Lt. Colonel in 2011. He is the second person to get this honor and Kapil Dev was the first one.

Sachin Pilot

sachin pilot in TA,sachin pilot territorial army

Sachin Pilot is the youngest parliament member and he contests from Ajmer (Indian National Congress). In the year 2012 he became the firt Union Minister to get commissioned into Indian Territorial Army. When he was commissioned as an officer he expressed his happiness by saying “I’m honored to be a part of this family, as i had desire to link myself with armed forces for a long time.


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