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July 31 Territorial Army Exam May Be Canceled Due To Paper Leak and Other Reasons

Hello friends!! I hope you all are waiting for Territorial Army exam results which was held on July 31. It was said officially that results will be out in August only but they have been delayed and there is lot of confusion among all the candidates. There are many rumors going on with the Territorial Army exam July 31 results. We have done some research to find out the results by going to a nearest head quarter. In this article i wanted to clear all the doubts regarding results of TA exam held on 2016 July 31.

July 31 Territorial Army Exam May Be Canceled Due To Paper Leak and Other Reasons

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There is a shocking news for all the aspirants of Territorial Army 2016 because there is a news that paper has been leaked in southern command and higher officials are doing some investigation on this report. So, this could be one of the reason for the late results. We cannot confirm the news but we have got this news from one of our followers. We hope this is not true.

Second reason could be the problem with OMR sheets. The OMR sheets which were provided were not of good quality and they are not fit for machine scanning and they need to be corrected manually. So, this is one more speculation going around regarding the delay of results.

One more reason for delay of results could be the correction of papers. As we know all the OMR sheets will be corrected through scanners but the OMR sheets given in TA exam July 31 were not of good quality. Now all the papers need to be corrected manually.

There are many rumours going around regarding 31st July TA exam results. We also cannot assure when will the results coming out. Please keep checking our page daily.

We will update results as soon as we get confirmation. Please share this message.

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