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Inspirational Words For All Aspirants For Competitive Exams

Hello guys! Today i’m going to share a inspirational article so that you will get some push factor. Everybody needs push factor in order to move ahead. So, this is a token of thanks for all the hard workers.

Inspirational Words For All Aspirants For Competitive Exams

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I’m not a success guru who would give u success mantras to crack this coveted exam.just like you all, im an aspirant too with a dream in the eye. But just dreaming and dreaming has never solved the purpose unless supported by efforts and we all know it.most of us today stand at a juncture where backing down on competitive exams is not be an option for we’ve spent considerable time out here and we surely do not want to be quitters!we are common people with uncommon lives.we are the ones who like to explore the deep seas,far away from the safe shores. these are completely my feelings and may/may not apply to you.but since motivation is the real push factor for us all,id like to share the following.hope u’ll like it,follow it and make your lives easier and more enjoyable

The way of life

To be different

Your way of life has to be different

The time you wake up,the time you sleep

Your thoughts,words,actions,deeds-all pure

This world is a maya jaal

Where only the yogis flourish

& bhogis crushed under their own karmas

Whether summers,winters,rains,springs

Cold water baths are a must

For brahmcharya is the jewel of man

Breathe “OM” in &out every passing moment

Thank GOD for where you are and how you are

And sail out for where you want to be

Only criticise yourself,not the world

Challenge and compete not with world but with yourself

Because the biggest fight is with your own self

No substitute for hardwork and consistency

Hardwork will certainly reflect,today or tomorrow

Motivation resides within you,not around you

So why waste time looking outside

Listen twice &speak half

each day,run for a while

Nothing here is to stay

Neither the good nor the bad,so why worry?

Friends will show up

When they see the rising sun(you)

Trail the path of truth

For it shall set you free

Look in the eye of blue

For you’re the son of God



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