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Importance Of Essay In Territorial Army Exam

Hello friends!  Today I’m going to explain regarding the importance of Essay in Territorial Army exam. As you know TA exam has two parts one is objective and other is essay writing. Many students make silly mistakes while writing essay. I have given some important tips on writing essay. One important thing you should know about TA exam is that you will get selected in the written test only if your essay is of good quality. So, when choosing a essay choose wisely so that you can write without any errors.

Importance Of Essay In Territorial Army Exam

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Territorial Army Exam Essay Writing Tips

Choosing Essay Topic

In TA exam we will be given 5 essays and in that you need to write any 1 essay about 250 words. So, choose the essay topic in which you have good knowledge and then start writing. Do not get in a hurry and make a mistake while choosing the essay.

Introduction Of Essay

When writing essay start it with a good introduction of about 30 to 40 words. When examiner starts reading the essay he should get a good impression. So, in introduction explain the essay topic and the need of it.

Bullet Points and Side Headings

When writing essay always use bullet points and highlight important facts. This will make the examiner look into facts and writing in this manner will create interest in readers mind.

Use Paragraphs

Generally some essays require lot of facts and content so there will be big paragraphs. So, always try to break down the paragraphs into small ones so that the essay will be easy to read and looks aesthetic.

Do Not Lose the Track

While writing essay many people go off the topic and write irrelevant matter just to increase the size of the essay and this is the biggest mistake. Always focus on important things related to essay and underline important facts.

Avoid Striking Off and Over Writing

When starting to write an essay, first do some rough work and think how you can write in a clear cut manner without making mistakes. When you strike off it creates a bad impression and makes the essay look messy.

Hand Writing

One more important thing while writing essay is your hand writing, you need to write clearly with good gap between words so that the reader feels comfortable. Avoid too much cursive writing because you are not displaying your art you just need to write in a simple manner.

Making Conclusion

Always remember every essay should conclude with a judgement and you need to express your views on the topic and explain solutions if there are any problems. This makes the examiner happy because everyone looks for solutions and essays in general will involve some problems in the society or nature.

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