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How To Run 800 Meters For Telangana TSLPRB SI and Constable In 170 Seconds

Hello friends! Today i’m going to explain regarding the tips on how to run 800 metres race in 170 seconds. First of all i congratulate all of you in clearing the written exam and i also wish you all the best for your physical efficiency and Physical measurement test. One of the important stages of selection for TSLPRB Sub Inspectors is the physical test in which you will be tested with various athletic events such as 100 meter run, Shot put, long jump, high jump and 800 metre race. Out of all these events you need to qualify any 3 events in which 800 meters is a must qualify. Many people get failed in 800 meter race and get eliminated from the competition. In this article we will see how to run 800 meter in 170 seconds for both constable and Sub Inspector exam for Telangana TSLPRB.

800 meter in 170 seconds
Running 800 meter in 170 seconds

Maintaining Diet For 800 Meter Race

One important factor to consider while going for running 800 meter is having a balanced diet. Always try to have good energy foods in your diet like juices and dry fruits.

Always keep your body hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals, it acts like fuel to your body

Is 800 meter race tough?

No! 800 meters race in 170 seconds is not a tough job to run but if you do not have enough practice for it then you will definitely not reach your goal.

Practice Tips For 800 meter race

Warm Up Exercise

Before you start your run, you need to do some warm up so that your muscles become free and you will not face any problem after running. Stretch a little bit for 10-15 minutes before running.

Do Slow and Long Runs

As soon as you complete your warm up do not hurry and run 800 meter. Start slowly and run for 1.5 Kms slowly and then walk for 500 meters. This will help your body to warm up and get ready for 800 meters.

Starting 800 Meter Race

As soon as the whistle goes off do not run in hurry to reach first, your energy will get exhausted at 400 meters and you will loose your breath and ultimately you will fail.

Start the race slowly (not too slow not too fast) try to complete 400 meters in 55-65 seconds and then speed up your pace by 30 % and then start running harder and push your self till you end up your energy.

Finishing 800 Meter Race

Finishing is the most important part of a 800 meter race because it the final ending lap when everyone wants to put their effort. People who have ran fast in the starting will exhaust their energy and it will be difficult to maintain the energy in the ending lap. So, give all the energy you have left run like you have never ran in your life. keep your head straight and do not look down.

How To Maintain The Time For 800 Meter Run In 170 Seconds

For 800 meter in 170 seconds divide the race into two halves 400+400 and now calculate time for first 400 meters and then final 400 meters.

An average runner can run 400 meters in 80 seconds means 1 minute 20 seconds and you have 90 more seconds left. So, complete the remaining 400 meters in 90 seconds (1 minute 30 seconds).

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