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How To Prepare Smartly For Territorial Army Exam

Hello guys! we are back with one more article on preparation for Territorial Army exam. We have written this post to guide all the aspirants to prepare smartly and crack the exam without any difficulty. The main aim of this post is to boost your confidence and make you prepare the important topics for the exam and how to manage time in the exam. Many aspirants are in a misconception that they can crack the exam easily but due their over confidence they commit lot of mistakes. Always remember competition for this exam will be very high and you need to always ahead in the competition if you are a serious aspirant.

How To Prepare Smartly For Territorial Army Exam

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TA Army Study Plan

Tip 1

One of the important topic to prepare for this exam is current affairs and you need to read news paper daily to gain more marks. Current affairs should not be neglected because there will be nearly 10-15 questions asked form it. So, always make note of important happenings in the country and in the world. If you neglect current affairs then you will definitely miss out in the competition.

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Tip 2

Preparing for Aptitude and reasoning

Aptitude and reasoning are also important topics in this exam and for this you need lot of practice. Many students make a mistake by thinking that aptitude and reasoning are very easy and this mistake is made especially by students who have mathematics background but in the exam they commit silly mistakes which will cost them a lot. So, practice as many problems as you can so that you will find easier in the exam hall.

Tip 3

Writing Essay

As we know Territorial army exam consists of essay writing and you will get selected only when you write essay with quality. So, spare 2 two days in a week for essay writing. Practice sample essays and try to use stop watch and check how much time you are taking for a 250 words essay. In this way you can write essay easily in the exam.

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