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How to prepare GK for Indian Territorial Army TA Exam

Hello friends! Today we will discuss regarding the preparation of one of the most important topic and it is GK. As you know every competitive exam today has a compulsory section dedicated to GK and if you neglect it then you will be out of the competition. To be always in the competition you need to study GK compulsory. Preparation for GK requires some tricks and tips so read complete article and start preparing for GK in a easy way.

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Generally GK is classified into two types

  • GK on current affairs
  • GK on basics of physics, chemistry biology and history

How to read current affairs GK for TA Exam

Current affairs are very important for TA exam and we can expect at least 5-10  questions in the exam. So, follow the given below tips for preparing current affairs

Read news paper daily and note important summits and meetings

Reading news papers is a good habit and it will improve your over all knowledge. While reading news paper if you come across any important point then immediately make a note of it. Always maintain a notes for current affairs as this will help you to revise immediately.

  • News related to defence and army should be given importance
  • Latest developments in science and technology
  • Current affairs of two months before the exam must be read

How to read GK in General Studies

General studies include Physics, Chemistry and History. Only basics from these topics will be asked but you need to be prepared well enough before going to exam. Many people in over confidence read basics and they make simple mistakes in the exam.

For example, consider the following question which was asked last year from Physics

What is the element used in a electric Bulb?

we have studied about this in our x standard but we cannot recall all of a sudden in exam. So, you need to be prepared.

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