How To Prepare For Telangana Group 2 TSPSC Exam in 30 Days

Hello friends! Today i’m back with one more important article for people who are preparing for Telangana TSPSC Group 2 exam. The exam date is scheduled on April 23 and 24 and there is not much time left in your hand. The main aim for writing this article is to make your preparation more easier. If you have not started the preparation yet then you must start from today itself and go according to the given plan by me. Generally there are two types of applicants for Telangana Group 2 Exam they are

  1. People Already Working
  2. People Not Working

We will discuss clearly about both of them and how they should plan their day and prepare for the exam.

How To Prepare For Telangana Group 2 TSPSC Exam in 30 Days

Tips For People Who Are Doing Job

There are many serious applicants for Telangana Group 2 TSPSC exam who are already doing jobs on Private companies and preparing for the exam. Generally these people do not find time to read and cannot concentrate on subjects properly due to busy schedules and office work loads. For people who are working we suggest the following tips so that they can prepare easily with concentration.

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Manage Time

Job holders do not get time to study long hours. So, they need to think in about minutes and prepare for the exam. For example in your office you get time for lunch and tea break and in this time you can cut short your break and read current affairs(News Paper) and some topics related to Physics and general science.

  • For example you have a lunch break for 45 minutes you can have it in 20 minutes and spare 25 minutes for preparation = 25 minutes
  • While traveling if you have chance you can practice some formulas and learn some aptitude question.
  • After coming back home relax for 20 to 25 minutes by closing eyes because this will help you to concentrate more on the subject.
  • In this way you will have an average of 3-4 hours of preparation and on weekends you can have grand tests on read the remaining topics as you wish.

So, finally you will have a time of nearly 10 hours per week. So, i suggest you to utilize the time perfectly.

Always Keep the Syllabus Paper beside you while preparing so that you will not go off the track.

Tips For People Who Are Not Working

People who are not working have ample of time to prepare. But the problem they face is inconsistency in preparation and lack of concentration. For these people i suggest the following tips.

  • Do not read continuously as you read for board exams. Try to grasp the concept and learn such that you will remember for a longer time.
  • Give proper breaks while reading, continuous reading for hours will give you stress and you cannot concentrate properly.
  • Do not read one subject continuously keep changing the subjects otherwise you will feel bore reading only one subject.
  • Always write mock tests so that you can judge in which areas you are weak and then continue your preparation.
  • If you have friends who are preparing for Group 2 Telangana TSPSC exam then discuss the topics with them so that you will remember it for a longer time.
Thanks for reading.

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