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How To Perform Well In Personal Interview Board(PIB) Territorial Army

Territorial Army is one of the wing of Indian Army which recruits enthusiasts every year into Indian Army and gives them training. People who get selected into Territorial Army can work part time or take the job as full time it completely depends on their wish. Territorial Army selections are done every year twice and many people are selected from all over the country every year. Lakhs of people write this exam and only few get success because there is no information available any where regarding this exam procedure. So, we have come up with this article to explain you how to face Personal board Interview (PIB) of Territorial Army.

What is Personal Interview Board (PIB)

After you clear the written exam you will be called for personal interview board and in this you will be interviewed by 5 member panel in which there will be Brigadiers, Colonels and Psychologists. You will be asked questions related to your profile and your education.

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How To Perform Well In Personal Interview Board(PIB) Territorial Army

Day 1 : Filling Self Declaration Form and Certificate Checking

On the day 1 you need to fill Detailed Application form and the interview will be conducted on 2nd day and on the first day your certificates will be checked by the officers there and you should be ready with all your certificates in your hand in the order prescribed and you should check all certificates twice because you will be rejected there itself if there is any fault or any certificate is missing.

Day 2 : Interview

In the early morning you need to go to the head quarter and you will be called by the officer roll number wise and batches will be made and in each batch there will be 15 members. You can interact your colleagues and feel relaxed for sometime. Then a officer will take you to the interview hall and you will be seated in chairs. Officer will call one by one roll number wise. There will be a big mirror before entering the interview room where you can see yourself and adjust your body posture.

Interview Panel

Interview Panel of PIB is very cordial and as soon as you enter the room you will be asked to sit. Then the person from middle will ask a question about you and he may ask you to introduce yourself. Then other members of the panel will ask questions related to your profile and questions based on current affairs.

The questions asked in PIB are very casual and easy but they check our confidence in your answer. So, keep you mind cool and answer them correctly. If you do not know any answer then tell that “I cannot recollect” or “i don’t know” in a polite manner because honesty is very important in interview.

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