How To Get Physically Fit For Telangana SI and Constable Recruitment

Hello friends! Today i’m back with one more article for aspirants of Telangana SI and constable jobs. There is not much time left for 2016 recruitment for SI and Constable exam and everyone is making hard to pass the exam. This is the biggest recruitment happening in Police department from Telangana Government after the state formation. Many aspirants have lot of hopes as they are working very hard for the exams. In previous government under United Andhra Pradesh we had 5 Km run but now there are lot of changes in the exam pattern and physical tests. In this article i will guide you on how to be physically fit for SI and Constable exam.

Tips For Increasing Chest

As you all know the minimum requirement of chest for SI and Constable eligibility is 84 centimetres and with a minimum expansion of 4 Cms. But many people do not have the required size of chest and they have lot of fear of getting selected. Many people do well in exam but get rejected in Physical tests because they loose the job by just 1 cm expansion of chest. I will explain how to increase your chest size by doing some exercises.

Quit Smoking

If you are a serious aspirant for a SI or Constable exam in Telangana and if you smoking habit then we suggest you to quit smoking now because it will not help you in expanding chest and you will get lot of breathing problem when you have to run 800 meter and 100 meter. Sometimes the running may be in hot summer so if you do not stop smoking then you will face lot of problem in Physical efficiency test.

Foods To Increase Chest

There are some foods which will help you to increase your chest size in 20-25 days. The foods are as follows

Eggs : Eggs are very important diet to increase strength and stamina. You need to have two boiled eggs daily so that you will get the required nutrition and it will help you in creasing your chest size.

Whole Wheat Bread : Many people do not eat breakfast thinking they will get sleep while reading but this is a big mistake. You need to eat breakfast compulsory  and always try to have whole wheat bread in your breakfast.

Butter : Butter has good fat content and it will help to increase your weight and thereby increasing your chest size.

Exercises To Increase Chest Size

Size of chest can be increased by some simple exercises and here are some exercises with which you can increase the size of chest.

PUSH UPS : Push ups are the best way to increase chest you do not need to go to gym or any where all you need is a room with some space. Do Push ups regularly morning and evening of 3 sets with 12 push ups in each (increase the number day by day)

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Push Ups For Chest

INCLINE DUMBBELL PRESS : To do this exercise you need two dumbbells and a support bench. You can do this exercise at home or at gym as per your convenience. This exercise will also help you in increasing the chest size naturally.

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BENCH PRESS : This exercise will also increase the size of chest and you need to have lifting equipment and a support bench. You can do this exercise at gym or at convenience of your home.

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