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How To get NOC For Territorial Army PIB Interview

How To get NOC For Territorial Army PIB Interview. Hello friends! Today i’m going to explain one important topic regarding NOC (No objection certificate) and it is must for PIB interview if you get selected. Many students have asked the doubt regarding this so i’m explaining regarding the importance of it in this post. Some people who are working in private sector are finding difficult to get NOC from their employer as the company HR is not giving the NOC, how should you handle the situation and how should you get a NOC from employer.

How To get NOC For Territorial Army PIB Interview | NOC For PIB Interview

NOC, no objection certificate for Territorial Army
NOC For Territorial Army

What is a NOC?

NOC stands for No Objection Certificate and it is given by companies to individuals when they want to joined armed forces. It is nothing but a permission letter from company saying they do not have any objection if their employee joins the armed forces.

How To Get A NOC?

Generally big companies and MNC’s know what is Territorial Army and how it works but when it comes to smaller companies they do not have enough knowledge on Territorial Army and they hesitate to give NOC and some even reject the request.

  • Steps To Follow To Get a NOC From Employer.
  • First talk to your HR regarding your selection in the written exam of Territorial Army
  • Next explain them about Territorial Army and the job role
  • Explain the importance of joining Indian Territorial Army
  • Clearly explain how the training is conducted in Territorial Army
  • Take your call letter with you and tell them that their organisation will get good name if their employee is in Territorial Army
  • Explain them that you have right to fight for country

Remember NOC is must for Territorial Army PIB interview and without which you will not be allowed to attend the interview.

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