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GK Questions Set 1 For Territorial Army Recruitment Exam

Hello friends! Today i have collected some important and mostly asked questions in Territorial army exam. These questions are from various sections of GK like history, sports, geography and science. I have concentrated only on questions which have chances to be asked in examination. This is set 1 of GK questions for territorial army exam aspirants. I will be writing more and more sets to make you perfect for the exam and clear the exam easily. I request you all to read these questions and take a note of them.

GK Questions Set 1 For Territorial Army Recruitment Exam (TA Exam Recruitment)

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Important Questions For Territorial Army
1.Which bird lays the largest egg?

Ans) Ostrich

2. Zakir Hussain is associated with which musical instrument

Ans) Tabala

3) What is the festival name which means end of Harvest in Tamil Nadu?

Ans) Pongal

4) What is the Study of Insects called?

Ans) Entomology

5) Who is the author of Jungle book?

Ans) Rudyard Kipling

6) The second largest dome in world, located in Karnataka is?

Ans) Gol Gumbaj

7) Study Of Environment is known as?

Ans) Ecology

8) Microsoft is founded by?

Ans) Bill Gates and Paul Allen

9) Who is the first prime minister of United Kingdom?

Ans) Margaret Thatcher

10) Who is known as Grand Old Man of India?

Ans ) Dadabhai Naoroji

11) What is the abbreviation of WWF?

Ans) World Wide Fund For Nature

12) Plants which grow in dry and arid regions are known as?

Ans) Xerophytes

13) Yakshagna musical dance form is of which state?

Ans) Karnataka

14) Pisiculture is associated with?

Ans) Fishing

15) In which year indian National Congress formed?

Ans) 1885

16) “Penalty Corner” is the term associated with which game?

Ans) Hockey

17) Which political party is oldest in India?

Ans) INC (Indian National Congress)

18) Koneru Humpy is associated with which sport?

Ans) Chess

19) What is the nickname given to Lala Lajpat Rai?

Ans) Punjab Kesari

20) Lal Bahadur Shastri is also known as?

Ans) Man Of Peace

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