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Documents Required For Personal Interview Board (PIB) Territorial Army Interview

Hello friends! Today i will give all the details regarding the documents required for Personal Interview Board (PIB) Territorial Army Interview. First of all i want to congratulate all the people who got success in written exam. Now the biggest step is clearing interview which will be conducted at respective head quarters of their zones. So, i have prepared a complete list of documents required for attending the interview. Keep all the documents ready when attending interview because if you miss any one document also you will be rejected.

Documents Required For Personal Interview Board (PIB) Territorial Army Interview

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Territorial Army PIB Documents

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1) Proof of Date of Birth Certificate and Residential proof

Proof of your date of birth need to be produced at the time of interview for this your SSC memo will work or better if you have certificate from hospital where you were born. Residential certificate can be produced in the form of rental agreement.

2) Latest income proof from the appropriate authority (i.e. Income Tax / Revenue Department/Magistrate/Employer)

You need to submit latest pay slips if you are employed in private/public sector and for others they need to submit income proof from Income Tax / Revenue Department/Magistrate/Employer.

3) Medical Certificate from recognized medical officer in original

You should produce a medical certificate from a recognized doctor. You can take this certificate in a good hospital in your area. Ask in the reception of the hospital and get it done.

4) Attested photocopy of Senior Secondary Certificate (10th) and Higher Secondary Certificate (12th)

Originals of SSC and 10+2 are need to be submitted, photocopies are also required.

5) Attested photocopy of Degree passing certificate & PG passing certificate

Candidates should submit certificates of Degree and PG in original as well as attested photo copies.

6) Affidavit For Change In Name Between SSC and 10+2

People who have different names on their SSC and 10+2 certificates must have an affidavit for the same. They should provide source of canging name and certificate from competent authority.

7) Income Tax proof (SARAL) Form if the annual income is more than Rs 2 lakh

This certificate is for employed people and whose income crosses Rs.2 Lakh Per annum. If your income is below two lakhs then you need not submit.

8) Affidavit for self employment and Income from Dist Magistrate/Tehsildar in original

If you are self employed then you need to possess affidavit and income proof from Dist Magistrate/Tehsildar in original. This is very important if you are self employed.

9) NOC For Central Govt/State Govt employee

No Objection Certificate (NOC) is compulsory for people employed in Central Govt/State Govt. They should get it from competent authority.

10) NOC For private Employees

People who are employed in private sector must and should bring NOC while attending interview. NOC should have registration number along with the registration Number of company allotted by the Registrar of companies.

11) Attested photocopy of PAN Card

You should bring a attested copy of PAN card while attending PIB interview

12) ID Proof

You need to produce ID proof issued by Government of India like (Anyone of voter ID card, PAN card, Passport, Driving license).

13) Risk Certificate

This is a certificate which will be signed by your parent or guardian. This meaning of this certificate is that your parent/guardian has no objection for joining defence forces.

14) 3 x Photographs

3 Photographs of passport size need to be submitted.

**Important Note**

You need to submit all above mentioned certificates in original as well as attested Xerox copies.

No travel allowance is provided when you attend interview.

I hope this article has helped you. Please write your doubts in comments section, i will provide answers as soon as possible.





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