Disaster Management Notes For All Competitive Exams

Hello friends! today i’m back with one more important topic called Disaster Management. This topic has become one of the favorite subject of examiners because the world today is facing problems from various disasters. The development of a country or a state largely depends on number of disasters. Today we will see types of disasters, problems, mitigation strategies. We will also see disasters occured in India and what are the agencies which give rehabilitation to the affected people. In the end of this article we will also see some multiple choice questions on Disaster Management.

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Types of Disasters

Generally Disasters are divided into two types and they are

  1. Natural
  2. Man Made

Natural Disasters

As the name says Natural Disasters these are caused by Nature and they can cause lot of damage suddenly. Nayural Disasters can be classsified into following types

  • Tsunami
  • Earth Quake
  • Cyclones
  • Floods
  • Droughts
  • Land Slides

Man Made Disasters

As the name says Man Made these disasters are caused due to human activities. There many man made disasters and following are some disasters which are caused due to human activity

  • Fire Accidents
  • Nuclear Accidents
  • Virus Attacks
  • Terrorist Activities

Some Important Disasters In India

  • One of the major tragedy in India was of Bhopal Gas Tragedy it is also known as Bhopal Disaster and this disaster is considered as one of the worst in the world. It occured in the year of 1984 Deceber 2 due to leakage of  methyl isocyanate (MIC). At least 3,787 were dead in this tragic incident.
  • Earth quake in Bhuj (Gujarat) was ne of the natural disaster which occured in 2006 January 26 and as many as 10,000 people dies in this.

Important Institutions Related To Disasters

  • IMD – Indian Meteorological Department (New Delhi)
  • INCOIS – (Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services) (Hyderabad)

Important Facts Related To Disasters In India

  • 59% of land is prone to earth quakes in India
  • 12% is prone to floods
  • 8% to Cyclones

Important Authorities For Disaster Management In India

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) (2005)

  • Started operations in 2006
  • Prime Minister is the chairperson of this
  • This authority has 10 member including Prime Minister and Vice Chairman

In each state we have “State Disaster management Authority” which has Chief Secretary as its Chairman.

In districts we have “District Disaster Management Authority” which has Collector as Chairman

Institutions Started For Disaster Management Studies

NFSC – National Fire Security College (Nagpur) – 1956

NCDC – National Civil Defence Colege (Nagpur) – 1957

NDMF – National Disaster Management Fund (Under NDMA)

NPDM – National Planning For Disaster Management -2009

NISA – Natinal Industrial Security Academy – (Hyderabad)

CTC – Central Training College – (Coimbatore)

BTC – Basic Training Center – (Chandigarh)


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