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Career As a Health Care Assistant In Territorial Army United Kingdom

Joining in Army and serving for one’s motherland is a dream of many but this dream does not come true for all but there is a second line of defence of army called Reserve Army or Territorial Army which relieves regular army for some time. Territorial Army gives a chance to join the elite forces upto the age of 49. So, people who could not get into army in their young age can join UK Territorial Army as a Health care assistant and serve the country. In this article we will know the complete details regarding the joining procedure as a Health Care Assistant In Territorial Army United Kingdom.

Career As a Health Care Assistant In Territorial Army United Kingdom | UK Reserved Army Jobs | UK Territorial Army Jobs

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Health Care Assistants In UK Territorial Army

Age Requirements To Join Territorial Army UK

Sex : Male Or Female

Age : 17.9 to 49.11 years

Educational Qualifications

Regular GCSE(English) Grade C and above (or) You need to have equivalent and a minimum of Maths GCSE grade D-G or equivalent. If you have other healthcare qualifications you will be considered and it will be an added advantage.

Role and Responsibility Of A Health Care Assistant Territorial Army

In this job you will get a chance to work with registered nurses and work in modern UK hospitals. You will be taught skills which are required to serve people who are dependent on you.

Personal Skills Required For This Job

Decision Making and Responsibility

You need to take decisions quickly and take active responsibility when a problem arises. You should be pro active in the field.

Managing People

Managing people is a tough job and you need to manage people when there is an emergency situation.

Working Outside

You need to be ready to work outside when situation arises, you need to be ready to travel long distances when situation demands.


You need to get updated with latest developments in technology related your work.

Promotions in UK Territorial Army

Promotions are given to people who are outstanding in their work. If you work hard and give your 100% to the job then you will be promoted to higher posts.

If you are looking to join UK Territorial Army as a health care assistant then you can apply here

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