Best Apps To Prepare For TSPSC Telangana Group 2 Exam

Hello friends! Today i’m back with one more article for TSPSC Group2 aspirants of Telangana and today i will share some best apps which will help you in preparing for the exam. Now a days every one has smart phone in their hand and everyone should make use of it effectively. To get selected in TSPSC exam you need to do smart work. So, people who have smart phone must download these apps for TSPSC and prepare in the free time. Many students are looking for TSPSC exam preparation apps so i have collected the best 5 apps and i’m bringing to your notice.

Best Apps To Prepare For TSPSC Telangana Group 2 Exam

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Free Android Apps For TSPSC Group 2 Exam

TSPSC 2016

This app is brought to you by Sana edu tech in play store and it has got some best features. This app is one stop spot for your preparation. One of the advantage of having this app is it can run even if you do not have Internet. You can write quizzes in all the subjects pertaining to Telangana Group 2 exam and get the scores immediately. This app has got lot of popularity in no time.

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Telangana History

One of the important and newly added subject in TSPSC group 2 exam is Telangana History and Telangana Movement and 150 mars are alloted only for this subject separately. Now this app Telangana History will make you to prepare easily. Just install the app and prepare for the subject on your Android device.

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One more interesting app for Group 2 aspirants is TSPSC Notes and this app is presented by UPSC add in play store. One of the striking feature of this app is it has got material both in English and Telugu language. So, people from Telugu back ground will find it easy. Install TSPSC Notes app on your mobile and improve your preparation

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One more important subject for Group 2 TSPSC aspirants is Telangana Geography and there is an app called TS State geography test which will test your knowledge. This app is really helpful for people who do not have enough time to read theory.

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