Asaf Jahi Dynasty History For Telangana TSPSC Groups, SI and Constable Exams

Hello friends! Today i’m back with one more important article on Asaf Jahi Dynasty History For Telangana TSPSC Groups, SI and Constable Exams. This topic is very very important because Asaf Jahi Dynasty has played a very important role in laying the foundation of the modern Hyderabad City. As we all know Telangana is the 29th state formed formed by dividing Andhra Pradesh on 2 June 2014. Now as Telangana has it’s own Public service commission they will definitely give importance to history of Telangana and the rulers who ruled the region. Asaf Jahi dynasty remains very important in Telangana because many important constructions have been made in their period. In this article we will read about all the kings and their work towards Hyderabad and Telangana region.

Asaf Jahi Dynasty History For Telangana TSPSC Groups, SI and Constable Exams

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List of Asaf Jahi Kings History

History Of Asaf Jahi Dynasty

  • The capital city of Asaf Jahi Dynasty was “Aurangabad”
  • They belong to “Turani” dynasty which belongs to “Turkey”

There are 7 kings in this dynasty and we will read about them in detail

1) Nizam-Ul-Mulk

  • The original name of Nizam-Ul-Mulk is Mir Kahmruddin

He has worked under three kings

  • Aurangazeb
  • Faruk Siyar
  • Mohhamed Shah Rangeela

Each king has given him different titles they are as follows

  • Aurngazeb gave the title Chi-Khilich-Khan
  • Faruk Siyar gave the titile Fateh Jung and Nizam-Ul-Mulk
  • Mohammad Shah Rangeela gave the title Asaf Jha
  1. Under Aurangazeb he worked as a MRO officer of Karnataka
  2. Under Faruk Siyar he worked as Deccan Subedar
  3. Under Mohhamed Shah Rangeela as a Prime Minister

Treaties Signed By Nizam-Ul-Mulk

  1. Treaty Of Mushigan – 1728
  2. Treaty Of Varna – 1731
  3. Treaty of Darussarai – 1738

He died in the year 1748 may 21 at Burhanpur

2) Nizam Aki Khan

  • He shifted capital from Aurangabad to Hyderabad
  • Signed Subsidary Alliance in the year 1800
  • “Kirk Patrick” helped Nizam Ali Khan to sign Subsidary alliance
  • There was a French officer whose name was “Reymond” and he was popularly known as “Musa Ramudu” and the place “Moosarambhag” is derived from his name
  • Gun Foundry in Hyderabad was constructed by “Reymond”

Constructions By Nizam Ali Khan

  • Roshan Mahal
  • Gulshan Mahal
  • Moti Mahal
  • Mir Alam Lake

3) Sikandar Jha

Secundrabad was named after this king

There was an officer named “Chandu Lal” who supported Britishers more than the king

There was a officer named “Henry Russel” who was present inside kingdom and the force which he maintained inside the kingdom with subsidary alliance was known as “Russel Brigade Force”

4) Nasir-Ud-Daula

Sepoy mutiny of 1857 started in his period

He had two brothers named Gulam Rasul Khan and Mubariz-ud-Daula

Wahabi movement was started in India and in secundrabad it was started by two brothers in Secundrabad and they were jailed

He was unable to pay taxes to British and he took loan from a company named “William Penner” (Took 64 lakhs including interest)

Constructions By Nasir-Ud-Daula

  • 1st Medical College in Bollarum
  • St.George Grammer High School

5) Afal-Ud-Daula

He has got the title “Grand Commander Star Of India”

Title was given by British as he was loyal to them and helped in capturing Tantya Tope

6) Mir Mahboob Ali Khan

  • He was recognized as the official Nizam by the British
  • Lord Ripon visited Hyderabad during his period
  • Mulki Moment was started in his period and Lawyer Krishna Rao was the leader
  • “Chanda” Railway scheme was started between Singareni and Maharashtra

Constructions By Mir Mahboob Ali Khan

  • Falaknuma palace
  • Glorio Girls high school
  • Nizam College
  • Legislative Council

7) Mir Osman Ali Khan

He is the most important king in the whole Asaf Jahi dynasty because he has given Hyderabad all the important infrastructure.

Constructions By Mir Osman Ali Khan

  • Sirpur paper mill
  • Bodhan Sugar factory
  • Azam Jahi Cotton mills
  • Charminar Ciggerete factory
  • Shahbad Cements
  • Mojam Jahi Markets
  • DBR Mills
  • Vazir Sultan Tobacco Company

Other Important Constructions

  • Nizam Sagar
  • Osman Sagar (Gandipet)
  • Himayath Sagar
  • Rajoli Banda
  • Ali Sagar
  • Osmania University
  • Osmania Hospital
  • Unani Hospital
  • Jubilee hills
  • Assembly
  • High court
  • Central library
  • Salarjung museum
  • Lake view guest house

We hope this article of Asaf Jahi Dynasty has helped you in preparing for TSPSC Telangana Groups, SI and constable exam.

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