Abraj Kudai World’s Biggest Hotel Will Be Opening In 2017

Luxury has no limits today. As technology is advancing day by day we are witnessing the luxuries we never imagined. One more addition to the luxury in hotels is about to start in 2017 with the opening of Abraj Kudai and it will be the biggest hotel in the world with 10,000 bedrooms 70 restaurants, and five rooftop helipads. Five floors of the hotel will be exclusively dedicated for royal families of Saudi and some space will be dedicated for Saudi Piligrims who will be interested to stay in the world’s biggest hotel. The hotel will include both four star and five star amenities. Estimated budget for this hotel construction is $3.5 billion and it will cover an area of 1.4 million square meters.

Abraj Kudai World’s Biggest Hotel Will Be Opening In 2017 | Abraj Kudai Pics | Abraj Kudai Interior

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Abraj Kudai News and Pics

Abraj Kudai has everything from a bus station, shopping mall, food courts, conference centre and a lavishly appointed ballroom.

Location Of Abraj Kudai

Abraj Kudai is located in Manafia district just one kilo metre southe of Grand Mosque. Funding for this project has been done by Saudi Ministry of Finance.

The interior design for this hotel will be taken care by London based Areen Hospitality firm which is known for its best designing in the whole world. We have seen how Burj Khalifa has become the worlds most luxury hotel but now Abraj Kudai will take over it. We need to wait till 2017 for its opening to enjoy the lavishness of this hotel. Till then keep checking our page for Abraj Kudai news and Abraj Kudai pics and developments.

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